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Latinos In Action Blog | 6 Ways to Serve Your Community (Resources & Links Included)
Latinos In Action Blog | 6 Ways to Serve Your Community (Resources & Links Included)
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6 Ways to Serve Your Community (Resources & Links Included)

6 Ways to Serve Your Community (Resources & Links Included)

Cesar Chavez said, “The end of all knowledge should be service to others.” In addition to literacy tutoring, all LIA classes seek out community service opportunities to participate in as a class. The resources listed in this article are in Florida and Utah (where we have the biggest concentration of LIA supporters) but these ideas can be applied in whatever state you live in. Whether you’re looking to serve your community as an individual, with your family, or in a bigger group, these 10 ways are a great starting point:

1. Volunteer at a Food Bank

Food is a basic necessity, and many people struggle to feed their families. Serving in a food bank is a great group activity, so the next time you’re looking for a family activity, something to do with friends, or even a group date, consider arranging an unforgettable experience giving back.


Utah Resources: Utah Food Bank – The Burrito Project 

Florida Resources: Farm Share – Feeding Florida 

Kearns LIA students volunteering at Utah Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry.

John I Leonard LIA students and other community members worked together with Farm Share to give 700 bags of food to families in need.

2. Serve at an Animal Shelter/Rescue

Dog, doggo, pupper; cat, kitty, gatito – whatever you call our furry friends, they could use your help! Nothing can touch your heart quite like an animal. Besides dogs and cats, there are also ways to help other animals – as pictured below.

Utah Resources: Humane Society of UtahUtah Best Friends – Noble Horse Sanctuary   

Florida Resources: The Florida Humane Society – Peaceful Ridge Rescue 

Western High LIA students volunteering at Peaceful Ridge Rescue in Davie, FL.

3. Clean Up a Beach/Park

“Plogging” – jogging while picking up trash – has been called one of the hottest fitness trends of 2018. Collecting and disposing of trash can be a relaxing personal experience. Just put your headphones on, turn up your favorite song, and grab as much trash as you can find.

“Thank you to Stansbury High School’s Latinos In Action for coming and cleaning up the skate park today.” -Stansbury Service Agency

 John I Leonard LIA students gather to collect trash at Lake Worth Beach, FL.

4. Help Out with a 5K

Many charities organize 5k races to raise funds for their organization – and they could use as many volunteers as they can get! Help out with a group of friends or go alone and make some new ones.

Utah Resources: Utah Best Friends 5KGirls on the Run of Southern Utah

Florida Resources: Track ShackGirls on the Run Central Florida

Kearns High LIA helping at the Walk to Beat ALS

Kearns High LIA helping at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Kearns High LIA helping at the Run for the Homeless Youth Resource Center.

5. Visit a Senior Center

There are many ways to serve at a senior center, including helping to serve food or simply sitting and talking with the residents. With the holidays coming, gathering a group to go Christmas caroling in a nursing home is an incredibly rewarding experience. But don’t just wait for a special occasion to make a visit! In senior centers across the country there are many people who receive few to no visitors, so whatever you can do to brighten their day goes a long way. Click HERE to find a Senior Center near you.

“We at the Kearns Senior Center love Latinos In Action [Kearns High]. This wonderful group of youth helps serve lunch every Birthday Tuesday.”

6. Volunteer with Latinos In Action

Latinos In Action has grown into a national organization, and now more than ever we need all the help we can get. Whether you’re able to help through a donation of time, talent, and funds, we are grateful for everything our growing famiLIA does to support us. If you’re interested in speaking to a class, volunteering at an event, or supporting LIA in another way, just reach out to us through social media.