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Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources

Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources

These resources are meant to be a guide for students. This post does not constitute legal advice or any type of endorsement.

FAFSA Information

On October 1st the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – known as FAFSA – opens for the 2019-2020 school year. The sooner you fill out the application, the more grant money you are likely to receive (up to twice as much!). Here are some helpful resources for FAFSA:

Official FAFSA website


7 Things You Need Before You Fill Out the 2019–20 FAFSA® Form


Am I Eligible for Financial Aid If My Parents Are Undocumented?


Scholarship Opportunities

MALDEF Scholarship Resource Guide for the 2019-2020 School Year

“MALDEF is pleased to provide you with this extensive list of scholarships, including many that do not inquire about immigration status or require a valid social security number.” 31 pages of scholarship opportunities straight from the Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America! There are a variety of scholarships listed for everyone, from high school seniors through graduate students. Deadlines vary.

Florida Hispanic Heritage Essay Contest

Due to hurricane Michael, the deadline has been pushed to Friday, October 26 at 5pm. The contest is open to all 4-12 grade students in the state of Florida, with winners being chosen at elementary, middle, and high school levels. The prize is HUGE: “Winners will receive a 4-Year Florida College Plan scholarship provided by Florida Prepaid College Foundation. Winners will receive awards at Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration to be held in Tallahassee.” Hurry up and apply while you still can!

Comcast Leaders and Achievers® Scholarship Program 

This isn’t a 1-award scholarship: Comcast NBCUniversal is planning to give away more than 800 scholarships! These are $2,500 scholarships, with a select few receiving more. The application deadline is December 7, 2018.

Daniels Scholarship Program

“The online application for the Daniels Scholarship Program will be open from October 1 to November 29, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. MST! Approximately 230 new Daniels Scholars will be selected for the Class of 2019. The Daniels Scholarship Program provides a four-year annually renewable college scholarship for high school seniors from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming who demonstrate character, leadership, and service.”

Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students

This guide explains the basics of applying for scholarships and provides advice on scholarship situations unique to Latinos. At the bottom, there is a list of scholarships available for the following groups: ESL/ELL students, migrant workers and their families, first-generation Hispanic/Latinos, undocumented Hispanic/Latinos, Hispanic/Latina women, graduate students, and general scholarships for Hispanic/Latino students.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

“HSF empowers families with the knowledge and resources to successfully complete a higher education, while providing scholarships and support services to as many exceptional students as possible.”

9 Incredibly Useful Scholarships for Latinos

The title speaks for itself!

65 Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students

Keep an eye on those deadlines and figure out which ones are most relevant to your situation.

22 Scholarships from Major Airlines

Requirements for these scholarships range from having a direct connection to the airline, students planning to study tourism or aviation, and anyone who writes a story about their experience moving.


Scholarships for High School Seniors

Girls in Science Fellowship Program

Awarded By:      Earthwatch Institute

Awarded To:      High School Aged Young Women Interested in Performing Field Research

with an All-Female Team of Scientists

Deadline:             Opens in November, Check Site

More Info:


The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Program

Awarded By:      The Jackie Robinson Foundation

Awarded To:      Minority High School Students Aspiring to Attend College

Deadline:             November 1 – February 1, Check Site

More Info:


Japanese American Citizens League National Scholarship Program

Awarded By:      Japanese American Citizens League

Awarded To:      High School Senior and JACL Member

Planning to Attend Trade School, College or Other Institution

Deadline:             Anticipated to Open in November, (Check Site)

More Info:


Boettcher Foundation Colorado Scholarship

Awarded By:      Boettcher Foundation

Awarded To:      Colorado High School Seniors Attending 4-Year Colorado Undergraduate Institutions

Deadline:             November 1 of Senior Year

More Info:


George Snow Scholarship Fund

Awarded By:      George Snow Scholarship Fund

Awarded To:      High School Seniors in Palm Beach and Northern Broward Counties, Florida

Deadline:             November 1 – February 1

More Info:


Milken Scholars Program

Awarded By:      Milken Family Foundation & Milken Institute

Awarded To:      Seniors in Los Angeles County, New York City and Washington DC;

Deadline:             January 31, 2019 (check site for updates)

More Info:

List of Conservation-Related Scholarships

RAY Marine Conservation Diversity Fellowship

Awarded By:      Underrepresented Student in the Marine Conservation Field

Awarded To:      Undergraduate College Students Graduating in June/July

Deadline:             January 3 – March 15

More Info:


Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program

Awarded By:      American Conservation Experience (ACE)

Awarded To:      Diverse Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Recent Graduates Interested in

Historic Preservation / Cultural Resources Work with National Park Service & Others

Deadline:             Sign up for job alerts

More Info:


Semester at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Awarded By:      Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Awarded To:      Junior or Senior College Students, particularly those from underrepresented groups

Studying Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology, Mathematics, Physics or

Engineering that Want an Ocean-Related Research Experience

Deadline:             Rolling Admission Policy; Application for the 2019 semester opened in October

More Info:


Harvard University Center for the Environment Environmental Fellows Program

Awarded By:      Harvard University Center for the Environment

Awarded To:      Recent Doctorate Recipients Seeking to Tackle Complex Environmental Problems

Deadline:             January 16, 2019

More Info:


John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Program

Awarded By:      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Awarded To:      Graduate Students who have an interest in Ocean, Coastal & Great Lakes Resources

and in the National Policy Discussions of those Resources.

Deadline:             Check State Sea Grant Programs for 2020; 2019 deadline was Jan/Feb 2018

More Info:


National Marine Fisheries Service-Sea Grant Joint Fellowship Program

Awarded By:      NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service

Awarded To:      Graduate Students Enrolled in PhD Program Interested in Fish Population and Ecosystem

Dynamics or Marine Resources Economics

Deadline:             Check State Sea Grant Programs for 2020; 2019 deadline was Jan/Feb 2018

More Info:


Graduate Women in Science National Fellowship Program

Awarded By:      Graduate Women in Science

Awarded To:      Women Graduate Students Interested in Research Careers in the Sciences

Deadline:             November 5, 2018 – January 11, 2019

More Info:


The Garden Club of America Award in Desert Studies

Awarded By:      The Garden Club of America & Desert Botanical Garden

Awarded To:      Graduate or Junior or Senior Undergraduate Students Studying Arid Landscape

Horticulture, Conservation, Botany, Environmental Science or Landscape Design

Wishing to Gain Practical Field Experience

Deadline:             January 15, 2019

More Info:


The Garden Club of America Fellowship in Ecological Restoration

Awarded By:      The Garden Club of America & the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum

Awarded To:      Graduate Student Pursuing Specialized Study and Research in Ecological Restoration

Deadline:             December 31 of Year Proceeding Study/Research, Check Site

More Info:


The Garden Club of America Award in Coastal Wetlands Studies

Awarded By:      The Garden Club of America & the Anna M. Rockefeller Fund

Awarded To:      Graduate Students to Support Field-Based Wetlands Research

Deadline:             January 15 Preceding Year of Study

More Info:


The Frances M. Peacock Scholarship for Native Bird Habitat

Awarded By:      The Garden Club of America & Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Awarded To:      College Senior or Graduate Students Interested in Studying Habitat for Threatened or

Endangered Birds Native to the U.S. for Effective Land-Management Decisions

Deadline:             January 15 Preceding the Proposed Period of Study

More Info:


The Garden Club of America Awards in Tropical Botany

Awarded By:      The Garden Club of America

Awarded To:      Students Completing PhD in Botany w/in 2 Years

Deadline:             January 15 Preceding the Proposed Period of Study

More Info:


*The five opportunities immediately above are among more than two dozen opportunities offered by the Garden Club of America.  However, applicants may only apply for one opportunity per year.  So visit the site to learn about all opportunities and apply appropriately.”


Fund II UNCF STEM Scholars

Awarded By:      Fund II Foundation and UNCF

Awarded To:      African American College Students Pursuing a STEM Degree

Deadline:             January, Check Site

More Info:


Walton – UNCF Education Fellowship Program

Awarded By:      Walton Family Foundation & UNCF

Awarded To:      Undergraduate Juniors from HBCUs Interested in Interning with

Innovative K-12 Education Reform Enterprises in Boston, New York, Washington, DC,

Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, Indianapolis, Memphis and Nashville

Deadline:             January 13, 2019

More Info:


Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Foundation Grants

Awarded By:      PADI Foundation

Awarded To:      Students and Others Involved in Research and Education Related to

Aquatic Environments that need Support for Diving Equipment

Deadline:             November 1 – February 1

More Info:


The Geological Society of America (GSA) Congressional Science Fellowship

Awarded By:      The Geological Society of America & the U.S. Geological Survey

Awarded To:      Geoscientist Interested in Helping Shape Science and Technology Policy on Capitol Hill

Deadline:             January 15, 2019

More Info:


Environmental Leadership Program Eastern Regional Fellowship

Awarded By:      Environmental Leadership Program

Awarded To:      Professional with 3 Years of Experience of Student Enrolled in Graduate Studies

Interested in Environmental or Social Change, Leadership and Skills training, &

Who Work or Reside in NY, NJ, PA or DE

Deadline:             January 28, 2019

More Info:


National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program

Awarded By:      National Federation of the Blind

Awarded To:      Legally Blind Student Pursuing Full-Time Postsecondary Studies

Deadline:             November 1 – March 31

More Info:


Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Awarded By:      Rankin Foundation

Awarded To:      Low Income Women, Age 35 or Older, Pursuing Education

Deadline:             Opening in November for 2019 – 2020 School Year

More Info:


Buffett Scholarships

Awarded By:      Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation

Awarded To:      Undergraduates Attending Nebraska Public Community Colleges,

Colleges or Universities

Deadline:             November 1 – February 1

More Info:


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember: