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Saint Leo Boot Camp Recap

Why is Boot Camp only three days long? The resounding question...

Saint Leo Boot Camp Recap

This blog post was written by Eileen Torraca, our Program Manager in Florida.

Why is Boot Camp only three days long? The resounding question.

Students came eager and ready to learn. They participated in all the activities, even the silly ones, with a teachable undertone. 

Veteran students share past experiences, that prompted the newcomers to ask a lot of good questions. Then there was an etiquette dinner and it was obvious that for many this was uncharted territory, but they listened, practiced and executed to the best of their abilities.

Then came the dance, and everyone was on the dance floor in a celebratory mood, that caused the DJ to continue honoring special requests even after the time had expired. The next day was our last day! Students rushed to get into their Mastermind groups learning and helping each other, come up with a Smart Goal!

What a blessed time they had together. I hear that some squads are meeting already and continuing what they started, at the Camp that motivated and inspired them to bring out the leader within.